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Mr. Mohsen Gholami was born in Amol city of 1979 (1358).

He learned Santour before mastery such as Ramin Safaei , Parviz Meshkatiyan and also learned composing from mystery Ali Tajvidi and Milad Kiyayi . His writing was published to call (shere Bivasueh)’ book. This book includes whole of soloists from Parviz Moshkatiyan , at 8 volumes that one and 4 volume published .2. salise of student was published at album ”Avay Bargrizan” by ( Chahar bargh) company . 3. this book consist of pants about santur from himself . 4. Now he is going to published several writing that we cancel to suntur solo and chord instrument orchestra and pointed the rest of volume book of ( shere Bivasueh) . Mohsen gholami presented intensive table of ”Avay Bargrizan” and to rivise ” shere Bivasueh” to the market tately.

He says to a responter of youth repaters’club the book wich is the international library for publishing ,didn’t has ypecific time for licenseing to guiding minster . for example , at the time of publishing this book ” shere Bivasueh” that was about . 3. months in the library for publishing. They announced uy, the license of this book nullified. After exploring we understand that responsible said: this is in result of the name ” shere Bivasueh” you need to take another license for poem. In tjat ccase this book is only a note and there isn’t any poem in it . the responsible didn’t observe text of book without any reason cancelled license’s book . He also continued; unfortunately, som person is called expertist that work at number of organization, mainly didn’t consider kind and quality of work. More affair made to order, nepotism in this organization which is because of showing weak work.

This artist increased: this issue was ”order, nepotism” in the entrance exam specially ” practical music” or in the house of music obliged to issuance coach and depend on this organization.

The activity in the house of music is better in a recent year and also TV, press isn’t except this rule. Now only some of writing produced in the studio of TV. Gholami believed that the best and effectiveness organization is Minster about this issue, This organization must control all of affair and the barrier were on other difficult. Organization and administrative are in the lower level. He pointed to this album is called “Avay Bargrezan” and said that was music without word which was taken to license and publish about one or two mouthy.

Though period of time increased to live or six months night now. You must license for your poem , because of that music was without word . and mean while the consist of your poem by the authories. The period of time is very long for a opus , specially music .

It perhaps until time of publishing, composer, musician thet was about to taken part tis optus , will be disappointed or generally they didn’t have tendency to distribute , or time of distributing isn’t suitable . Mr. Mohsen gholami santur musician has argued financial issue in music and said: although musics

The main element in each country and must value it. But there isn’t in our country and music has constantly stayed unimportant. Unfortunately, now talent and effect work isn’t important, on the contrary money and investment is very important in the music. More of artist run away the path that it take hundred year in one night easily and they get to peak more of رهبر orchestra made their work in symphony to obtain by finical . That’s usually placed in the lower level. He pointed to cancel and perform concert and said, to perform a consort isn’t excepted of outline rule . even thought a concert cancelled no specific reason. They stated, why don’t they allow to perform a concert until they seek to do.

For example, once a concert canceled because one of a composer putted a sport shins on, at the art state in Tehran. People stayed at the door for a few years. This composer concluded, a person or group that tried to perform and publish a cd or book and seek to license, they berried to present the activity and opuy for. Unimportant reason at least they expressed their reason to to they can solve it. The responsible must provide a suitable condition for all people can use music an delighted to see and hear it. The role feeling in the music is very important. Artists and mastery aware of that. The role of feeling in a composer or musician at the time of creating apuy which can’t deny the effect on the melody . Iranian music and totally east of music is on the point of quality that the role is always very important and sometimes had appositive or negative effect leavey . that meany a artist consider condition of time and place at the moment and decided to creat a melody as a result of we familiarize with thought of ortiyt. The main element is very important in my sntary in ration to other consriey . in that case more musician understand improvisation very good and for instance the writingy leht from ancieniy and predecessor indicated more writings way improviyation and the consider of specihic state and time condition was created . as a result of more writings have available by now, include of using an important quality and the feeling of artist is obvious. But we remberd an important note that this main foundation has defects in our music which we can,t give up. That is we can,t tranmitted the crircumstans and performance to anote completely . that means if you can write some of parts completely, this writing can’t express whole of condition and feeling on the melody. That is cause of fact illustrated above that means to creat a melody in Iranian music , should understand through voice untile you ‘ll able to get whole of tennics or each artist can obtain own thought on the point of abiliting of art and heart because note wont be able to gain quality of melody . that is considering the idea of majority artists and masters in our country, the note is only a tool for gaining to bigger purpose and note is only a small path to show a musician. Therefore on the point of defects is in the writing, we pointed before, dear musician shouldn’t only study own books and your time merely lose for learning. They also may use of for remembering that consider merely from the respective aspect. Of course more people came and said , than or this is wrong and this is different from texts written little or more if you pay attention to subject that expressed at above and thought logical , you can understand all of hard ships a writer . this issue is a inadequacy ” Technical or structural……..” and this is the same whole of musical . we hoped artists and musicians on the point of sympathy and cooperation would be a suitable condition in the music field . we all try to solve whole of difficult in our musical and instead of being a undesirable condition.

They provide advancement aspect in musical .

All of young people interested in containing art musical to have a suitable condition.

Thank you for

Mohsen Gholami